C-level technology strategist, offering the value of more than 16 years of experience at the Apex of technology and business — including for some of the world’s largest and iconic companies such as Fujitsu North America.

Throughout my career, I have developed a reputation as a versatile and high-impact leader who surpasses expectations by thinking of net results and setting roadmaps that improve the use of technology while supporting other core businesses.  My partners, subordinates, and superiors appreciate my ability to identify opportunities missed by others, align the latest technology with business mission/value and my distinct ability to also harness the power of process optimization to position companies for big wins.

I enjoy being a leader of high-performing teams. I’ve partnered with executives to build agile, autonomous cultures, from the top down. Further, I’ve ushered in change as a mentor and coach to team members enabling them to stand behind new company visions.

I am active on LinkedIn and would enjoy connecting with you.